Living Rhythm


Living Rhythm’s mission is to promote a healthy and functional movement-filled lifestyle by offering workshops, classes, and private sessions in dance, fitness, and Fascial Stretch Therapy. 

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (or FST) was developed by Ann and Chris Frederick of the Stretch to Win institute. It is a form of manual therapy that focuses on the neuromyofascial connective tissue rather than isolated muscle treatment. A session includes assessment of passive, active, and restricted movements in functional positions as well as on the treatment table. It progresses through releasing layers of fascia and ends with prescribing a home program personalized for the client’s individual wellness or sport goals. 



A little about me

I'm a dance educator, fitness instructor, and Fascial Stretch Therapist. When I'm not in a dance studio or by my stretch table, you might find me running along the galloping goose, cycling to and from various dance studios and schools, and taking selfies of different yoga poses around town. I'm passionate about dance and wellness and I love witnessing and being on the support side of improvements.